Human Dorsal Root Ganglion RNA Landscape Profiling for Neuropathic and Chronic Pain

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phs001158 Case-Control

Study Description

RNA sequencing was performed on human DRGs and relative gene abundances were calculated.

Various analyses were performed:

  1. Human DRG gene expression profiles were contrasted with a panel of gene expression profiles of relevant tissues in human and mouse ( integrating, among other sources, datasets from ENCODE and GTex ) in order to identify.
    1. DRG-enriched gene expression, co-expression modules of DRG-expressed genes, and key transcriptional regulators in humans.
    2. Contrasting the human and mouse DRG transcriptomes to identify DRG-enriched gene expression patterns that were conserved between human and mouse, identifying putative cell types of expression of these genes, and potential known drugs that might target the corresponding gene products.
    3. Characterization of non-coding RNA profile of human and mouse DRGs.
    4. Characterization of DRG-enriched alternative splicing and alternative transcription start site usage based transcript variants in humans and mouse, and the overlap between these two species.
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