Human Dorsal Root Ganglion PolyA RNA Seq Dataset

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phs001158 Case-Control

Study Description

PolyA+ RNA sequencing was performed on human DRGs and were contrasted to a panel of relevant human and mouse RNA-seq studies (integrating, among other sources, datasets from ENCODE and GTex) in order to identify tissue-specific gene expression and alternative splicing in DRG, and contrasting the human and mouse DRG transcriptomes. Relevant sets of DRG-specific genes and splice variants were identified in human and mouse in a high-throughput way, creating a roadmap for future studies for deeper analysis of these transcripts from a molecular biological and pharmacological (in the context of chronic pain) perspective. Additionally, human DRG transcriptomes from donors suffering from chronic pain were contrasted with donors with no history of chronic pain.

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dbGaP phs001158

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