Rare germline sequence variants, copy number variations, expression alterations, methylation variations and disease susceptibility in familial melanoma

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Although a number of high-risk melanoma genes have been identified, they account for melanoma risk in less than 40% of melanoma-prone families. The major goals of our research are to identify novel high-penetrance genes for familial melanoma in melanoma-prone families without known mutations and to identify modifier factors, including genetic and epigenetic, in melanoma-prone families with and without known major mutations. We are using whole exome sequencing to identify additional high-risk susceptibility genes and using targeted sequencing to follow up on the top genes in additional family members and in population-based melanoma cases and controls. We are also using RNASeq to investigate genome-wide allele-specific expression and eQTLs in these families to identify genes with expression alteration, which will provide additional information for gene discovery. In addition, we also conducted genome-wide copy number variation (CNV), methylation, and miRNA expression profiling analyses in our melanoma families with the goal of identifying genetic and epigenetic factors as disease ... (Show More)

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