Foundation Medicine Adult Cancer Clinical Dataset (FM-AD)

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The Foundation Medicine adult cancer clinical dataset consists of 18,004 unique solid tumor samples that underwent genomic profiling on a single uniform platform as part of standard clinical care. The dataset is derived from the FoundationOne® genomic profiling assay version 2 that interrogates exonic regions of 287 cancer-related genes and selected introns from 19 genes known to undergo rearrangements in human cancer. Genomic DNA samples were sequenced to over 500x median coverage, and custom computational analyses identified all classes of genomic alterations (base substitutions, insertions and deletions, copy number alterations, and rearrangements). Since matched normal tissue was unavailable for analysis, these data underwent additional filtering to enrich for cancer-related events. The reported data includes genomic alterations that are known and suspected tumor drivers, as well as variants of unknown significance. To preserve patient anonymity, all known or suspected germline variants were removed from the data unless known to be associated with cancer ... (Show More)

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