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The NUgene Project is a biorepository with longitudinal medical information from participating patients at Northwestern Medicine affiliated hospitals and outpatient clinics. Participants' DNA samples are coupled with data from a self-reported questionnaire (2 versions were used, 1 before and 1 after February 2006, both are included) and continuously updated data from our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) representing actual clinical care events. Northwestern has a state-of-the art, comprehensive inpatient and outpatient EMR system of over 3 million patients. NUgene has broad access to participant data for all outpatient visits as well as inpatient data via a consolidated enterprise data warehouse. NUgene participants consent to distribution and use of their coded DNA samples and data for a broad range of genetic research by third-party investigators.

The electronic MedicalRecords and Genomics (eMERGE) Network is a consortium of 9 clinical sites with EMR linked DNA biobanks, including Northwestern University and its ... (Show More)

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