NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) De Novo Mutation Identification in Taiwanese Schizophrenia Trios

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The substantial reproductive impact of schizophrenia, for which affected individuals have fewer than half as many offspring as unaffected individuals do, implies that mutations of largest effect will frequently be de novo mutations. Ascertaining exome sequence variation in father-mother-offspring trios allows such mutations to be identified and distinguished from the far-larger amount of rare variation that is inherited by each individual. The pursuit of this approach in a large, well-powered cohort of trios can also provide lessons that inform the development of such gene discovery strategies more generally in human genetics.

Schizophrenia trios from the Taiwanese population are being collected by Dr. Ming Tsuang (PI, UC San Diego, California) and investigators in Taiwan (PI, Dr. Hai Gwo Hwu; both funded by NIMH grant 1R01MH085560; Expanding Rapid Ascertainment Networks of Schizophrenia Families in Taiwan). A total of 3800 trios are anticipated to be collected by May 2013. This represents a highly homogenous national sample from the same ancestral population.

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