Neural Systems, Inhibitory Control, and Methamphetamine Dependence

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The Neural Systems, Inhibitory Control, and Methamphetamine Dependence study started in 2011 and is currently finishing data collection for its last participants. The study included methamphetamine abusing individuals and healthy control participants aged 18-55 years. Participants who qualified over the telephone were scheduled to visit the London Laboratory at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior for the In-Person Screening Phase. The screening procedures, usually scheduled over two visits, determined if participants were eligible to complete the subsequent study visits. Both groups completed identical screening procedures, with the exception of more in-depth drug use questions for the methamphetamine users.

After providing written consent, participants completed questionnaires about their mood, medical, psychiatric and drug use history, personality and life experiences. They also provided a urine sample to determine what drugs they recently used and a breath sample to determine the carbon monoxide levels in their system. The drug screen tested ... (Show More)

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