Early Methamphetamine Abstinence: fMRI and Brain Function

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Study Description

This study included two groups of subjects, methamphetamine-dependent and healthy control participants, with the purpose of characterizing brain structure and cognition during the first month of abstinence from methamphetamine. Participants were able to participate in one or both phases of the study. Methamphetamine abusers were held as inpatients and abstained from methamphetamine use during the entirety of the study. Phase I covered the 1st week of abstinence and Phase II covered the next 3-4 weeks of abstinence. Control subjects participated as outpatients at timeframes which corresponded to the assessments taken of methamphetamine users. The following outlines the procedures in more detail.

After initial telephone screening, in-person screening and recruitment procedures took place at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. Each methamphetamine abuser subject entered the study after completing an interview and questionnaires on drug use history, and providing a positive urine test for methamphetamine. The evaluation included a psychiatric diagnostic interview according ... (Show More)

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