ProHealth: Kaiser Permanente Genome-wide Association Study of Prostate Cancer

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A genome-wide association study (GWAS) of prostate cancer (PCa) was conducted in Kaiser Permanente (KP) Northern California health plan members (7,783 cases, 38,595 controls; 80.3% non-Hispanic white, 4.9% African-American, 7.0% East Asian, and 7.8% Latino) [PMID: 26034056]. The data for these members were drawn from three KP cohort studies: Research Program in Genes, Environment and Health (RPGEH) ProHealth, and California Men's Health Study (CMHS) (described further under Study History). Four custom arrays were designed for genotyping, one for each of the four major race-ethnicity groups in the RPGEH cohort: African Americans, East Asians, Latinos, and Non-Hispanic Whites. The number of SNPs and SNP content varied by array, with SNP content designed to maximize the genome-wide coverage of low frequency and more common variants specific to the different race-ethnicity groups, including newly identified SNPs from sequencing projects, and SNPs with established associations with disease phenotypes and risk factors [PMIDs: (Show More)

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