CIDR/NICHD Genetic Basis of Recessive Pediatric Brain Diseases - Group 2

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The purpose of this study is to identify new genetic causes of recessive forms of pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) including Cerebellar hypoplasia (CBH), Lissencephaly (LIS), Microcephaly (MIC), Corpus callosum hypoplasia (CCH), Pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH), Pontine tegemental cap dysplasia (PTCD), and Aicardi syndrome among many others. Using whole exome sequencing on one or two affected members per family, we are able to identify many pathogenic genes for these families. Using Human SNP Linkage Scans, which takes advantage of the Illumina HumanCore Array, and parametric linkage analysis software (Genehunter, Allegro, and others), we seek to identify pathogenic loci utilizing 60-70 families per year. Through the combination of parametric linkage analysis with exome sequencing and bioinformatics approaches, we will refine our search for superior sensitivity and accuracy when investigating candidate genes and identifying causative mutations for disease.

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