Differential Gene Expression in Cryptorchid Testes

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phs001275 Case-Control

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Differential Gene Expression in Cryptorchid Testes Study uses whole-genome RNA profiling of testicular biopsies to determine a potential causative role of isolated congenital cryptorchidism in azoospermia and/or infertility in the context of our previously published GeneChip data. Cryptorchid patients, aged 7 months to 5 years and otherwise healthy, were enrolled in this prospective study. During surgery, testicular tissue biopsies were obtained for histological examination and RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq). Fifteen patients were selected based on the histological results and were divided into two groups. Seven were classified as belonging to the high infertility risk (HIR) and eight to the low infertility risk (LIR) group. Cryptorchid boys in the high infertility risk group lacked transformation of gonocytes into Ad spermatogonia due to impaired mini puberty. This group of patients will be infertile despite successful surgery.

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