Single-cell Profiling of an In Vitro Model of Human Interneuron Development Reveals Temporal Dynamics of Cell Type Production and Maturation

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GABAergic interneurons are essential for neural circuit function and their loss or dysfunction is implicated in human neuropsychiatric disease. In vitro methods for interneuron generation hold promise for studying human cellular and functional properties and ultimately therapeutic cell replacement. We used a protocol for generating cortical interneurons from hESCs and analyzed the properties and maturation timecourse of cell types using single-cell RNAseq (data available at GEO under: GSE93802 on March 10 2017). Transcriptomic profiles of the hESC-derived interneurons were compared to several different populations of cells from mid-gestation human neocortex that showed differing levels of PAX6 and SOX2 expression.

For this study, 104 samples of 100 human neocortical cells each, have been sorted based on SOX2 and PAX6 ... (Show More)

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