Nicotine Addiction Genetics and Correlates

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phs001299 Affected Sib Pairs

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Ascertainment: Families were ascertained through panels of adult Australian twins, and a sample of spouses of Australian twins. Families with at least one offspring who was identified as a current or former smoker in an earlier survey. Screening telephone interviews were conducted with index cases to provide confirmation of a history of heavy cigarette smoking, to obtain confirmation of a history of heavy cigarette smoking, and to obtain additional information on the history of cigarette use and the survival status of other family members, and their full siblings and parents. Index cases were the affected spouse of a twin, or the affected twin from pairs discordant for a history of heavy smoking, or a randomly chosen twin from pairs where both have a history of regular smoking (i.e., has smoked at least 100 cigarettes lifetime), and at least one live biological parent to identify sibships with at least one affected sib pair (ASP) concordant for heavy smoking, and at least one living parent. If permission was granted by the index case, eligible family members were contacted and ... (Show More)

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