AACR Project Genomics, Evidence, Neoplasia, Information, Exchange (GENIE)

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AACR Project Genomics Evidence Neoplasia Information Exchange (GENIE) is an international pancancer registry of real-world data assembled through data sharing between 19 leading international cancer centers with the goal of improving clinical decision-making. The registry leverages ongoing clinical sequencing efforts (CLIA/ISO-certified) at participating cancer centers by pooling their data to create a novel, open-access registry to serve as an evidence base for the entire cancer community. Genomic and baseline clinical data from more than 70,000 tumors is accessible through the efforts of our strategic and technical partners, Sage Bionetworks and cBioPortal. The consortium and its activities are driven by openness, transparency, and inclusion to ensure that the project output remains accessible to the global cancer research community and ultimately benefits patients.

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