Exome Sequencing of Statin-Induced Myopathy Cases

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Severe myopathic events occur in 0.1-0.5% of patients taking statins. Although genetic association studies have identified some possibly associated gene loci, these have not been reproducible in additional studies with independent patient cohorts. A more reasonable explanation for susceptibility to statin-induced myopathy is the presence of rare pathogenic variants in genes important for skeletal muscle structure and function. In support of this, we have previously reported an increased incidence of pathogenic variants in genes causing metabolic myopathies in patients with statin-induced myopathy (Vladutiu et al.,2006). We also reported a patient with statin myopathy who had an RYR1 variant known to be causative of malignant hyperthermia susceptibility (MHS) (Vladutiu et al., 2011). There are a number of genes associated with metabolic myopathies triggered by various factors such as extreme exercise, fasting, extremes in temperature, viral infection and ... (Show More)

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