Human Gene Expression Patterns Associated with Experimental P. falciparum Infection

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phs001346 Clinical Trial

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Experimental exposure to malaria parasites can lead to development of protective immunity, providing a foothold for the development of a malaria vaccine. The goal of this study is to investigate immune transcriptional profiles associated with malaria protective immune responses induced by experimental Chemo-Prophylaxis and Sporozoites (CPS) immunization of P. falciparum-naive human volunteers. Samples for this study were obtained from a CPS-immunization study conducted in 2011 ( Identifier: NCT01218893), where healthy volunteers received CPS-immunization with bites from different numbers of P. falciparum-infected mosquitoes (three times 15 (n=5), 10 (n=9) or 5 (n=10)). Five control subjects received uninfected mosquito bites under chloroquine prophylaxis. Fifteen weeks after discontinuation of chloroquine prophylaxis, all volunteers were challenged by exposure to infected mosquito bites.

Study Design:
A maximum of 30 volunteers were divided into four groups. All volunteers received weekly chloroquine prophylaxis for ... (Show More)

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