Identification of 22 Novel Loci Associated with Susceptibility to Testicular Germ Cell Tumors

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Testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT) are the most common cancers in young men of European ancestry aged 20 to 39 years. The Testicular Cancer Consortium (TECAC) has brought together the largest genome-wise association study (GWAS) study of TGCT to date. We conducted a GWAS of 5,602 cases and 5,006 controls aggregated from 12 locations in the US and Europe. Logistic regression models adjusted for study center and genomic ancestry. Genotypes were imputed against the Human Haplotype Reference Consortium. Meta-analysis was performed to combine GWAS results with summary statistics from five previously published TGCT studies, UK Biobank, deCODE Genetics, and an independent set of cases and controls, for a total of 10,156 cases and 179,683 controls. 22 novel and 45 previously reported loci associated with TGCT surpassed genome-wide significance (p < 5e-08).

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