VA APOLLO Project - Research for Precision Oncology (RePOP)

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phs001374 Longitudinal Cohort

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The Research for Precision Oncology Program (RePOP) is a research activity that establishes a cohort of Veterans diagnosed with cancer and who have had genomic analyses performed on their tumor tissue as part of standard of care. All data relevant to a patient's cancer and cancer care will be collected under RePOP, including patient demographics, co-morbidities, genomic analysis, treatments, medications, lab values, imaging studies, and outcomes. All RePOP participants will have signed/verbal informed consent and signed HIPAA authorization to have their data stored and shared from RePOP's Precision Oncology Program Data Repository (PODR).

The Applied Proteogenomics OrganizationaL Learning and Outcomes (APOLLO) network is a collaboration between NCI, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to incorporate proteogenomics into patient care as a way of looking beyond the genome, to the activity and expression of the proteins that the genome encodes. The emerging field of proteogenomics aims to better predict how patients will respond to ... (Show More)

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