Epigenetics of Cocaine and Nicotine Addiction

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This project characterizes DNA methylation and gene expression changes that occur in the human brain, specifically in neurons from the rostral striatum. Major advances from NIDA funded initiatives for noninvasive neuroimaging studies have made it possible to study neuroanatomical, neurochemical and functional changes in the human brain that contribute to the vulnerability to abuse drugs, together with the neurotoxic consequences of years of drug misuse. Animal models have been developed to explain the fundamental behavioral and biological mechanisms of addiction, including reward, tolerance and dependence. From these studies, we learned that cocaine abuse not only alters the epigenetic status of genes, but also induces particular epigenetic modifications depending on the frequency of the drug's administration. Certain genes are switched on by infrequent (short-term exposure) administration, while others are switched on only after chronic administration (addiction/dependence). Animal studies have also suggested that cocaine-seeking habits modeling chronic cocaine addiction in ... (Show More)

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