Single-cell RNA-Seq of human lymphoma reveals malignant B cell diversity and patterns of T cell immune checkpoint co-expression

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Follicular lymphoma (FL) is a generally incurable B-cell malignancy which has the potential to transform into highly aggressive lymphomas. Genomic studies indicate it is often a small subpopulation rather than the dominant population in the FL that gives rise to the more aggressive subtype. To resolve the underlying transcriptional networks of follicular B-cell lymphomas at single molecule and cell resolution, we leveraged droplet-based barcoding technology for highly parallel single cell RNA-Seq. We analyzed the transcriptomes from tens of thousands of cells derived from five primary FL tumors. Simultaneously, we conducted multi-dimensional flow cell sorting to validate our characterizing of cellular lineages and critical expressed proteins. For each tumor, we identified multiple cellular subpopulations, matching known hematopoietic lineages. Comparison of gene expression by matched malignant and normal B cells from the same patient revealed tumor-specific features. Malignant B cells exhibited restricted immunoglobulin light chain expression (either Ig Kappa or Ig Lambda), as ... (Show More)

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