NHLBI TOPMed: Rare Variants for Hypertension in Taiwan Chinese (THRV)

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The THRV-TOPMed study consists of three cohorts: The SAPPHIRe Family cohort (N=1,271), TSGH (Tri-Service General Hospital, a hospital-based cohort, N=160), and TCVGH (Taichung Veterans General Hospital, another hospital-based cohort, N=922), all based in Taiwan. 1,271 subjects were previously recruited as part of the NHLBI-sponsored SAPPHIRe Network (which is part of the Family Blood Pressure Program, FBPP). The SAPPHIRe families were recruited to have two or more hypertensive sibs, some families also with one normotensive/hypotensive sib. The two Hospital-based cohorts (TSGH and TCVGH) both recruited unrelated subjects with different recruitment criteria (matched with SAPPHIRe subjects for age, sex, and BMI category).

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