National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Duke Cognition Cohort

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The overall goal is to identify genetic variants influencing normal variation between humans, with a focus on cognitive and neurosensory traits. Because of the focus of funding agencies on disease, very few studies of the genetics of non-disease traits have been performed. The genetic variation underlying the vast majority of differences between humans therefore remains not only undiscovered, but also unexplored.

We have assessed >1,200 healthy volunteers for >70 diverse, non-disease phenotypes, with a focus on cognitive and neurosensory traits that are understudied and seem to have a strong biological basis. Our study includes measurements of face recognition, night vision, cognitive performance, auditory pitch discrimination, contagious yawn susceptibility, time perception, sense of direction, taste preferences, personality, sexual behaviors, sleep habits, acne, headache locations, synesthesia, and teeth sensitivity. This method is very different from the focus of most studies on collecting cohorts of patients with disease and controls with minimal phenotypic ... (Show More)

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