HNPCC-Sys: Molecular Characterization of Lynch Syndromes

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phs001407 Tumor vs. Matched-Normal

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Lynch Syndrome (LS) tumors are characterized by constitutional mutations in DNA mismatch-repair genes. Colorectal cancers (CRCs) are the predominant tumor type in patients with LS. Here, we have used whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing of LS- CRC to find similarities and differences of mutation and gene expression characteristics between LS-CRC and sporadic CRC (data provided by TCGA via dbGaP). Furthermore, we were interested in the molecular heterogeneity of LS-CRC. We have performed a molecular characterization of LS-tumors and of matched tumor-distant reference colonic mucosa based on whole-genome DNA- and RNA-sequencing analyses. Our data indicates the existence of two subgroups of LS-CRCs, G1 and G2, where G1 tumors show a higher number of somatic mutations, higher microsatellite slippage and a different mutation spectrum.

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