Genome-Wide Predictors of Treatment-Related Toxicities in SWOG S0221 Trial

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When undergoing treatment for breast cancer, many women experience severe side effects, some of which result in treatment-related death and some that can persist for years. Little is understood regarding factors that may predict drug toxicities. Pharmacogenetics, the investigation of variants in candidate genes in drug metabolism pathways, has been used to determine susceptibility to treatment-related toxicities, as well as to cancer recurrence. Although there have been some strong and important findings using this approach, such as identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that predispose to side effects associated with thiopurines and irinotecan, there has been less progress in assessment of genetic variants that predispose to toxicities resulting from the multi-drug regimen commonly used to treat breast cancer, anthracyclines (A), cyclophosphamide (C), and taxanes (T). These difficulties in identification of key gene variants may be due to the complex metabolic pathways of these drugs, the lack of rate limiting enzymes in the processes, or the limitations of ... (Show More)

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