The Dynamic Landscape of Open Chromatin During Human Cortical Neurogenesis

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Non-coding regions comprise most of the human genome and harbor a significant fraction of risk alleles for neuropsychiatric diseases, yet their functions remain poorly defined. We created a high-resolution map of non-coding elements involved in human cortical neurogenesis by contrasting chromatin accessibility and gene expression in the germinal zone and cortical plate of the developing cerebral cortex. To obtain a high resolution depiction of chromatin structure and gene expression in developing human fetal cortex, we dissected the post-conception week (PCW) 15-17 human neocortex into two major anatomical divisions to distinguish between proliferating neural progenitors and post mitotic neurons: (1) GZ: the neural progenitor-enriched region encompassing the ventricular zone (VZ), subventricular zone (SVZ), and intermediate zone (IZ) and (2) CP: the neuron-enriched region containing the subplate (SP), cortical plate (CP), and marginal zone (MZ). Tissues were obtained from three independent donors and three to four technical replicates from each tissue were processed for ATAC-seq ... (Show More)

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