Creatine in Huntington's Disease (HD) (CREST-E)

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phs001488 Multicenter

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This is a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of creatine monohydrate involving 553 ambulatory subjects with HD who are not requiring skilled care or institutionalization. Eligible subjects were randomized to receive up to 40 grams daily of creatine monohydrate or matching placebo. Randomization will be followed by a Titration Phase, a Maintenance Phase, an Optional Extended Maintenance Phase, and Washout. During the Titration Phase, which may last up to six months, study drug will be initially escalated in 5-gram increments starting at 5 g/day until the 40 g/day target dose is reached. Should subjects be unable to reach or stay at the maximum dose during the Titration Phase, they will remain on the highest tolerated dose (HTD) for which they have no significant side effects. During the Maintenance Phase, subjects will be followed prospectively and systematically. Subjects completing 36 months of follow-up on study drug will be eligible to continue in the study for an additional twelve months of follow-up in the Extended Maintenance Phase. The ... (Show More)

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