A Phase I Study with a Personalized Neoantigen Cancer Vaccine in Glioblastoma Multiforme

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Neoantigens, which are derived from tumour-specific protein-coding mutations, are exempt from central tolerance, can generate robust immune responses and can function as bona fide antigens that facilitate tumour rejection. We demonstrated that a strategy that uses multi-epitope, personalized neoantigen vaccination, which has previously been tested in patients with high-risk melanoma, is feasible for tumours such as glioblastoma, which typically have a relatively low mutation load and an immunologically ‘cold’ tumour microenvironment. Here we conducted whole-exome sequencing of tumor and normal cells from individual patients with glioblastoma to identify tumor-specific mutations. We assessed the expression of mutated alleles by RNA-sequencing of tumor. We used personalized neoantigen-targeting vaccines to immunize patients newly diagnosed with glioblastoma following surgical resection and conventional radiotherapy in a phase I/Ib study. Patients who did not receive dexamethasone-a highly potent corticosteroid that is frequently prescribed to treat cerebral oedema in ... (Show More)

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