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NHLBI TOPMed - NHGRI CCDG: Intermountain INSPIRE Registry

The INtermountain Healthcare Biological Samples Collection Project and Investigational REgistry for the On-going Study of Disease Origin, Progression and Treatment (Intermountain INSPIRE Registry) purpose is to collect biological samples, clinical information and laboratory data from Intermountain Healthcare patients. The registry originally collected samples in patients undergoing a coronary angiography as part of the Intermountain Heart Collaborative Study. It has been expanded to collect samples in patients diagnosed with all types of medical conditions, and patients from the general population including those who have not been diagnosed with health related issues. Just over 25,000 individuals have provided samples as part of this registry. The registry enables researchers to develop a comprehensive collection of information that may help in disease management, including determining best medical practices for predicting, preventing and treating medical conditions.