Genome-wide Association Study and Meta-Analysis of Ewing Sarcoma

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phs001549 Case-Control

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We combined a set of 122 French Ewing sarcoma (EWS) cases from the Institut Curie, 19 EWS cases from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Cancer Research (CCR), and 29 EWS cases from the NCI Bone Disease and Injury Study. All EWS cases were confirmed by medical record review and the presence of a specific EWSR1-ETS translocation were noted when data was available. Each participant provided informed consent and each participating study was approved by the Institutional Review Boards of their study center. DNA was extracted using standard methods from blood, saliva (Oragene), or buccal cells. All de novo genotyping of EWS cases was performed at the NCI CGR on the Illumina OmniExpress-24 v1.1 array. Genotyping was performed according to manufacturer's guidelines using the Infinium HD Assay automated protocol.

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