Genetic Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in African Americans

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phs001571 Case-Control

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Association studies have previously identified 200 genome-wide significant (GWS) IBD susceptibility loci in European ancestry populations. At least thirty-five loci have been identified in Asians and a handful appear Asian specific. AAs have a higher risk for developing disease complications in IBD and worse disease outcome, suggesting that significant differences in pathological and molecular mechanisms may exist in AAs. It was therefore imperative to use more comprehensive genotyping platforms in more highly powered samples to detect AA-specific IBD loci and associations. We conducted two independent GWAS using a total of 2345 AA IBD cases and 5002 controls population from unrelated, self-identified AAs individuals. GWAS1 included 1258 IBD cases (843 CD, 368 UC, 47 IBD-U) and 1678 controls derived from the dbGaP Health and Retirement Study (phs000428). GWAS 2 included 1087 IBD cases (803 CD, 215 UC, 69 IBD-U) and 3324 controls obtained from the Kaiser RPGEH study (phs000788).

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