NHLBI TOPMed - NHGRI CCDG: Early-onset Atrial Fibrillation in the CATHeterization GENetics (CATHGEN) Cohort

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phs001600 Case Set

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The CATHeterization GENetics (CATHGEN) biorepository collected biospecimens and clinical data on individuals age ≥18 undergoing cardiac catheterization for concern of ischemic heart disease at a single center (Duke University Medical Center) from 2000-2010; a total of N=9334 individuals were collected. Samples were matched at the individual level to clinical data collected at the time of catheterization and stored in the Duke Databank for Cardiovascular Diseases (DDCD). Clinical data included subject demographics, cardiometabolic risk factors, cardiac history including symptoms, age-of-onset of cardiovascular diseases, coronary anatomy and cardiac function at catheterization, laboratory data, and yearly follow-up for hospitalizations, vital status, medication use and lifestyle factors. AF cases were defined as individuals who had ever had AF based on any ECG available at Duke University or ICD-9 code for AF used for inpatient or outpatient billing.

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