African American Multiple Myeloma GWAS

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The case set is from a case-control study designed to identify common genetic risk factors for multiple myeloma in African Americans, the population with the highest risk for this cancer. We conducted two GWAS and combined each of these with convenience controls consisting of unaffected African American participants in cohorts with existing GWAS data. We then conducted a meta-analysis of the two sets. Cases were persons of African ancestry with smoldering or active multiple myeloma identified at participating oncology clinics or through SEER registries, as part of the African American Multiple Myeloma Study (AAMMS) diagnosed from Jan 1, 1988 through July 31, 2016. The majority of the samples were collected from incident and prevalent cases diagnosed since Jan 1, 2008 (80.9%), with a minority obtained from biobanks from cases diagnosed prior to 2008 (19.1%). Additional samples were obtained from the Multiethnic Cohort (USC and University of Hawaii) (n=40), the University of California at San Francisco Multiple Myeloma Study (n=27), and from the Multiple Myeloma Research ... (Show More)

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