Regulatory Changes in Glioblastoma Brain Tumors and Xenografts Wave 1

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Non-coding elements in our genomes that play critical roles in complex disease are frequently marked by highly unstable RNA species. Sequencing nascent RNAs attached to an actively transcribing RNA polymerase complex can identify unstable RNAs, including those templated from gene-distal enhancers (eRNAs). However, nascent RNA sequencing techniques remain challenging to apply in some cell lines and especially to intact tissues, limiting broad applications in fields such as cancer genomics and personalized medicine. Here we report the development of chromatin run-on and sequencing (ChRO-seq), a novel run-on technology that maps the location of RNA polymerase using virtually any frozen tissue sample, including samples with degraded RNA that are intractable to conventional RNA-seq. We used ChRO-seq to develop the first maps of nascent transcription in 23 human glioblastoma (GBM) brain tumors and patient derived xenografts. Remarkably, >90,000 distal enhancers discovered using the signature of eRNA biogenesis within primary GBMs closely resemble those found in the normal human ... (Show More)

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