Varieties of Impulsivity in Bulgarian Opiate and Stimulant Users

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The overall aim of this study is to investigate the role of impulsivity as an endophenotype for drug addiction. Although impulsivity is considered one of the strongest candidate endophenotypes for addiction, progress in the field is hampered by the heterogeneity of impulsivity, characterized by multiple personality, psychiatric, and neurocognitive dimensions, rarely examined concurrently in the same population; and the heterogeneity of addiction phenotypes, due in part to the high rates of polysubstance dependence among substance users. To address these challenges, we have developed a program of addiction research in Bulgaria, a key transit country for heroin trafficking due to its strategic geographical location on the "Balkan Drug Route" and a major European center for production of synthetic amphetamine-type stimulants. This has allowed us to access rare populations of predominantly mono-substance dependent heroin and amphetamine users, many in protracted abstinence. Our preliminary results reveal a complex relationship between trait and neurocognitive (state) ... (Show More)

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