Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research (CEDAR)

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Under its programmatic name, the Center for Education and Drug Abuse research (CEDAR), this Center of Excellence project was completed in 2015. The CEDAR sample consists of 775 nuclear families comprising an adult male (proband), his spouse/mate, and their biological child who is 10-12 years of age at recruitment. This child is designated as index child (IC), and is followed through age 30. Minimal exclusionary criteria were applied to maximize the sample's representativeness. Follow-up evaluations on ICs were conducted at ages 14, 16, 19, 22, 25, 27 and 30. Interim questionnaires were mailed annually beginning at age 20. CEDAR utilizes the family/high-risk paradigm. The offspring thus comprise high average risk (HAR) and low average risk (LAR) groups, constituting the majority of the CEDAR children sample: 250 HAR males, 100 HAR females, 250 LAR males and 94 LAR females. The remainder of the IC sample, 50 males and 31 females, are the offspring of fathers who have a lifetime non-SUD psychiatric dis-order. The follow-up rate from baseline to the final assessment is ... (Show More)

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