Parkinson's Disease Cognitive Genetics Consortium (PDCGC) Stage I, NeuroX Dataset

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Cognitive impairment is a common and disabling problem in Parkinson's disease (PD). Identification of genetic variants that influence the presence or severity of cognitive deficits in PD might provide a clearer understanding of the pathophysiology underlying this important nonmotor feature. We are presently undertaking a large-scale, two-stage study designed to identify genetic risk factors for cognitive impairment in PD. The study population is divided into a discovery (Stage I) and a validation (Stage II) sample of patients enrolled in the PD Cognitive Genetics Consortium (PDCGC). Each patient has undergone a detailed neurological evaluation and cognitive testing. Clinical and genetic data for the project are stored and managed at the Coordinating Center at the University of Washington and VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle.

Stage I of the project is now complete; 1,219 PD patients were genotyped for 249,336 variants using the NeuroX array. Participants underwent assessments of learning and memory (Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised [HVLT-R]), working ... (Show More)

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