A phase II trial of the aurora kinase A inhibitor alisertib for patients with castration resistant and neuroendocrine prostate cancer: efficacy and biomarker evaluation

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Neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC) is an aggressive variant of prostate cancer that may develop de novo or as a mechanism of treatment resistance. N-myc is capable of driving NEPC progression. Alisertib inhibits the interaction between N-myc and its stabilizing factor Aurora-A, inhibiting N-myc signaling, and suppressing tumor growth. In this single arm, multi-institutional open label phase 2 clinical trial of alisertib, sixty men were treated with alisertib 50mg twice daily for 7 days every 21-days. Eligibility included metastatic prostate cancer and at least one: small cell neuroendocrine morphology; ≥50% neuroendocrine marker expression; new liver metastases without PSA progression; elevated serum neuroendocrine markers. The primary endpoint was six-month radiographic progression free survival. Pre-treatment biopsies were evaluated by whole exome and RNA-seq.

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