IL-17 Signaling in Human iPSC-derived Midbrain Neurons in Parkinson's Disease

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To determine IL-17-induced global transcriptome changes in midbrain neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) from three sporadic Parkinson's disease (PD) patients and three age- and sex-machted controls, deep RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) of IL-17-treated and untreated PD and control iPSC-dderived midbrain neurons was performed. Total RNA was isolated from untreated and IL-17-treated cells with the TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation Kit v2 (Illumina). RNA libraries were quantified using the KAPA SYBR FAST ABI Prism Library Quantification Kit (Kapa Biosystems) and cluster generation was performed on the cBot with the TruSeq SR Cluster Kit v3 (Illumina). The sequencing run was performed on a HiSeq 1000 instrument (Illumina) using the indexed, 50 cycles single read (SR) protocol and the TruSeq SBS v3 Kit (Illumina). Image analysis and base calling resulted in .bcl files that were then converted into .fastQ files by the CASAVA1.8.2 software. FastQ files were aligned to the human genome (hg19) using STAR.and annotated with gencode.v19. DESeq2 was used to determine ... (Show More)

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