NHLBI TOPMed: Pediatric Asthma Controller Trial (PACT)

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After a 2-4 week assessment/characterization run-in period, 6-14 year-old children who met NAEPP criteria for mild-moderate persistent asthma specifically based on symptom criteria and methacholine PC20 ≤ 12.5 mg/ml and FEV1 ≥ 80% were randomized to one of the three active treatment arms for 12 months. Randomization was stratified according to clinical center, bronchodilator response (< 12% or ≥ 12%), race (Caucasian or non-Caucasian), and methacholine PC20 (< 2 or ≥ 2 mg/ml). The primary outcome variable was the proportion of asthma-free days during the 12-month treatment period. Secondary outcomes included other measures of asthma control (percentage of rescue-free days, albuterol-free days, and episode-free days; the number of asthma exacerbations requiring prednisone therapy and the time to the first asthma exacerbation), forced oscillation and spirometry, reversibility (FEV1 pre- and post 2 puffs of albuterol MDI), methacholine PC20, exhaled nitric oxide, and asthma-related quality of life.

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