NIMH Human Middle Temporal Gyrus (MTG) Cell Types

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phs001790 RNA Sequencing

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Elucidating the cellular architecture of the human neocortex is central to understanding our cognitive abilities and susceptibility to disease. In this study, we applied single nucleus RNA sequencing to perform a comprehensive analysis of cell types in the middle temporal gyrus of human cerebral cortex. We identify a highly diverse set of excitatory and inhibitory neuronal types, many of which are relatively sparse. Additionally, we found that excitatory types are less layer-restricted than expected based prior knowledge from cell morphologies and from mouse studies. Comparison to a similar mouse cortex single cell RNA-sequencing dataset revealed a surprisingly well-conserved cellular architecture that enables matching of homologous types and predictions of human cell type properties. Despite this general conservation, we also find extensive differences between homologous cell types in human and mouse, including dramatic alterations in proportions, laminar distributions, gene expression, and morphology. These species-specific features emphasize the importance of directly ... (Show More)

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