Genetic Analysis of the Chiari I Malformation

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This study used whole exome sequencing (WES) on families affected with Chiari I Malformation (CM1). Individuals were recruited from the Republic of Tartarstan in the Russian Federation, where CM1 has a high prevalence (approximately 413 out of 100,000). At least one-third of these affected individuals have an affected relative. In collaboration with Dr. Enver Bogdanov of Kazan State Medical University, seven extended families affected with CM1 were identified.

Eligible participants for this study were required to 1) have CM1 and a family member with syringomyelia or CM1, or 2) be a family member of a patient with CM1 and have at least two immediate family members diagnosed with CM1. Adults and minors were eligible for this study and recruitment was through self and physician referral. Patients were excluded if they had a contraindication to MRI scanning, were unable to understand the risks of testing, were under one year of age, or could not undergo MRI scanning without sedation.

Study participants underwent SPGR (Spoiled Gradient Recalled) and T1-weighted ... (Show More)

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