Molecular Determinants of Tumor Behavior in Early Lung Adenocarcinoma

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Lung adenocarcinoma is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide and a heterogeneous disease with poor survival in the advanced stage. Given that the frequency of early diagnosis is increasing, the investigation of the molecular determinants of disease progression is paramount. Prediction of whether the tumor is indolent or aggressive has been the subject of recent investigations. Yet, the molecular underpinnings explaining the difference in tumor behavior remains largely unknown and is directly relevant to the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening, including the risks of over-diagnosis and overtreatment.

To gain insights into the molecular pathogenesis and the underlying molecular determinants of clinical behavior of early adenocarcinoma, we investigated genetic alterations in 102 surgically resected early adenocarcinomas. We hypothesized that the behavior of early adenocarcinoma can be predicted based on genomic underpinnings. To identify the type of genomic alterations associated with resected indolent and aggressive early lung ADC, the DNA samples ... (Show More)

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