The Institute for Genomic Medicine at Nationwide Children's Hospital Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorder Project

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The aim of this study is to enable the unification of the clinical and research arms of comprehensive genomic profiling in the setting of cancer and hematologic disease. Increasingly, studies of the genomic etiology of cancer and hematologic diseases are being utilized for patient management, including prognostication, informing diagnosis, and evaluating eligibility for targeted therapeutics and clinical trials. Clinically available testing can be limited in scope and follow-up, and thus assessment of the impact on patient outcomes is difficult to ascertain. Additionally, even N-of-1 studies have the ability to more broadly impact our understanding of the mechanisms of cancer and hematologic disease, and can have benefit for the individual, as well as the larger population of patients with these diseases. Thus, we seek to study and characterize the genomic underpinnings of cancer and hematologic disease through genomic profiling studies bridging both clinical and research components. We will additionally rigorously perform and vet research sequencing and genomic studies ... (Show More)

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