CADD/GADD centers on Antisocial Drug Dependence

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CADD (Center for Antisocial Drug Dependence): Funded through NIDA 011015 to study genetic influences on, and treatment of, antisocial drug dependence, studying both clinical probands and their families, and community samples of matched controls, twins, and participants in an ongoing longitudinal adoption study. A collaboration between three organizations at two campuses of the University of Colorado. Longitudinal with three waves of data collection completed.

GADD (Genetics of Adolescent Antisocial Drug Dependence): Funded originally through NIDA 012845, s multisite collaboration including adolescent subjects at high-risk for antisocial drug dependence and their siblings, recruited in Denver, CO and San Diego, CA. Longitudinal with two waves of data collection completed, one in progress as of May, 2018.

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