The Etiological Bases of Giftedness: Epidemiological Study of Cognitive Ability in Children in Saudi Arabia

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Recent studies of genetic foundations of cognitive ability rely on large samples (hundreds of thousands) of individuals from relatively outbred populations of mostly European ancestry. Hypothesizing that the genetic foundation of cognitive ability depends on the broader population-specific genetic context, we performed a genome-wide association study and homozygosity mapping of cognitive ability estimates obtained through latent variable modeling in a sample of 354 children from the consanguineous population of Saudi Arabia. Approximately half of the sample demonstrated significantly elevated homozygosity levels indicative of inbreeding, and among those with elevated homozygosity, it was negatively associated with cognitive ability. Further homozygosity mapping identified a specific run, inclusive of the GRIA4 gene, that survived corrections for multiple testing for association with cognitive ability. The results suggest that in a consanguineous population, a notable proportion of the variance in cognitive ability in the ... (Show More)

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