DNA Methylation Markers and Pancreatic Cancer Risk in 3 Cohort Studies (NHS, PHS, HPFS)

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Pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths in the US. Due to the lack of early symptoms, pancreatic cancer is difficult to identify at early stages and no screening is available for the general population. Identifying pancreatic cancer at earlier stages could significantly improve survival with increased opportunities for surgery. New high-dimensional arrays designed to measure DNA methylation levels at hundreds of thousands of CpG sites throughout the genome have opened opportunities to examine the role of DNA methylation in cancer risk using blood samples. Using this method, archived samples from prospective studies can be used to examine early changes in the DNA methylation levels in individuals who develop cancer months or years later, providing new opportunities to better understand biological mechanisms and, perhaps, identify biomarkers for early detection. Pancreatic cancer cases and matched controls were obtained from 3 large cohort studies, the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), the Physician's Health Study (PHS), and the Health Professionals Follow-up ... (Show More)

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