Sexual dimorphism in human immune system aging

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We isolated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from 172 community-dwelling healthy volunteers (91 women, 81 men) ages spanning adult lifespan: 54 young (ages 22-40: 23 men, 31 women), 59 middle-aged (ages 41-64: 31 men, 28 women), and 59 older subjects (65+: 27 men, 32 women). PBMCs were profiled using ATAC-seq (54 men, 66 women), RNA-seq (41 men, 34 women), and flow cytometry (62 men, 67 women). Flow cytometry data is publicly available, genomic data for 121 individuals are provided here.

These datasets revealed immune system aging signatures in men and women and showed in which ways aging differentially affects the immune systems of men and women. A subset of these samples have been generated and analyzed previously and can be found at EGA (EGAS00001002605). This dataset on dbGaP include EGA samples as well.

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