DNA Methylomic Profiling of Preeclampsia Across Pregnancy

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Preeclampsia (PE) is a hypertensive, multi-system disorder of pregnancy that significantly impacts maternal and infant morbidity/mortality across the globe, as it increases risk of cardiovascular disease and remains a leading killer of women and babies. Despite PE's significant impact on morbidity/mortality, there are no clinically reliable biomarkers that predict PE. DNA methylation, a dynamic regulator of gene expression, represents a mechanism that is known to be impacted by the environment. Because PE stems from a dysfunctional placenta that releases debris into the maternal circulation, we hypothesized that the in-vivo environment created by the dysfunctional placenta will impact DNA methylation in the maternal circulation, and that these blood-based methylation profiles would serve as a systemic biomarker of the maternal response to placental dysfunction. Our overall objective of this pilot study was to longitudinally characterize DNA methylation profiles across the three trimesters of pregnancy in the maternal blood at time points before and after clinically overt PE ... (Show More)

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