Count Me In (CMI): The Metastatic Prostate Cancer (MPC) Project (CMI-MPCproject)

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Count Me In - The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project: A Patient-Driven Research Initiative to Accelerate Metastatic Prostate Cancer Research

The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project (MPCproject; is a research study that empowers men with metastatic and advanced prostate cancer to partner directly with researchers by sharing their samples and clinical information, with the ultimate goal of accelerating scientific discoveries that have clinical impact. The MPCproject enables any man with metastatic or advanced prostate cancer in the US and Canada to participate in cutting-edge genomic and molecular research, regardless of where they live. Metastatic or advanced prostate cancer patients visit the project website and complete an online questionnaire of basic information about themselves and their cancer. Enrolled patients are mailed saliva and blood draw kits, which can be used to extract germline DNA and cell-free DNA (cfDNA), respectively. The study team contacts participants' healthcare institutions to ... (Show More)

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