Whole Transcriptome Sequencing of Resectable Stage III/IV Melanoma Evaluated After Starting Hu14.18-IL2 Predicts Outcome

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Background: We analyzed whole transcriptome sequencing in tumors from 23 patients with stage III or IV melanoma from a pilot trial of the anti-GD2 immunocytokine, hu14.18-IL2, to identify predictive immune and/or tumor biomarkers in melanoma patients at high risk for recurrence.

Methods: Patients were randomized to receive the first of 3 monthly-courses of hu14.18-IL2 immunotherapy either before (Group A) or after (Group B) complete surgical resection of all known disease. Tumors were evaluated by histology and whole transcriptome sequencing.

Results: We report here that tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) levels directly associate with relapse-free survival (RFS) and overall survival (OS) in resected tumors from Group A, where early responses to the immunotherapy agent could be assessed. TIL levels directly associated with a previously reported immune signature which associated with RFS and OS, particularly in Group A tumors. In Group A tumors there were decreased cell cycling gene RNA transcripts, but increased RNA transcripts for repair and growth genes. We ... (Show More)

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