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The goal for the University Texas PDX Development and Trial Center (UTPDTC) is to optimize personalized biomarker-based cancer therapy and identify effective targeted drugs based on the molecular characteristics of each tumor. Our short-term goals are to establish a biobank of clinically, and molecularly-annotated Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDXs) and to use PDXs as a platform for preclinical drug development and biomarker discovery. The primary goal for UTPDTC investigators will be to develop PDX trial strategies for preclinical testing of single agents and drug combinations. These models will allow the determination of the optimal treatments (single drugs or combinations) that should be tested in clinical trials in increasingly individualized, molecularly defined subsets of tumors. The goal of the Patient-Derived Xenograft Core is to provide high-quality clinically relevant and molecularly annotated PDX models for the research projects proposed in the University of Texas PDX Development and Trial Center (UTPDTC) grant application and to the research activity of the NCI PDX ... (Show More)

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